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Thursday, April 15, 2010

"I Need ONLY 15 Students To Train And Hand-Over 
My Fail-Proof Football Betting Profit System eCourseThat Reveals EXACTLY How To Make An Extra N50,000/Month From Football Betting Working ONLY 2 Hours Weekly"

Special Notice- When You Get Access To The "Insider Secrets, Strategies And Tricks" I Will Show You In This eCourse, You Will Almost Call Yourself "Stupid" For Not Knowing About Them Earlier...
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But The Question is: Will YOU Be Among The 15 Students?...

Dear Friend,

This letter is going to be short because I don't want to waste your time. So read this letter to the end.

I will start this letter by asking you these questions...

Do you like football?...

Would you be interested in knowing how to tap from the "goldmine" of wealth from the football matches played across various leagues in Europe and other parts of the world?

Would you be interested if you know how you can literarily be smiling to the bank knowing that your bank account has swollen with gobs of cash from football matches played every week?

Would you like to learn how you can start to make "insane profits" by just predicting the already "determined or known" outcome of football matches played every week across Europe?

Have you been losing your money on football betting... and... you tried again... but your money keeps going down the drain perpetually?...

Would you like someone who makes N13,000 per week from football betting to teach and show you the exact steps to do it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this message will be the most exciting you will ever read.

Here is why:

My name is Peter Essien and I have been making truck loads of money from Football Betting for almost 2 years now. I make bulk of my money by easily taking informed decisions on the predictions that secretly and strategically reveal the outcome of football matches every week.

In fact, I make at least a minimum of N50K/month.

...hmmm... I know what you are thinking... if you are making the money you claim, where is the proof?

Okay this is one of the 3 proofs I will show you in this letter. You see, I make lots of money every day from various football matches.

Check this proof one of my earnings...

That's N7,869.27 into my football betting account

It is no news that I make a staggering N50k/month as an extra income investing ONLY 2 hours of my time weekly right here in Nigeria without betting on any foreign bookmaker.
Yeah... you read that right just 2 hours per week.

As a matter of fact, I have taught over 70 people directly and indirectly (through ebooks, seminars etc) how to hit it big with football betting by showing them how plain simple it is.

I recently turned a meager N200 into over N28,000 with just a single bet with this strategies you will soon have access to in few moments from now.

This is another part of the proof of earning of another day...

This is another N23,092 into my football betting account.

See what some of the people who have used the strategies in my Football Betting Profits System are saying...

What Are People Saying?

Peter Essien's Football Betting Profits System eCourse is the surest and fastest way to make quick cash.
Though, it's not a get-rich-quick-scheme because you need to study and work the techniques in the eCourse. I have tried it and it's working for me.
I was skeptical at first when I saw the offer on this site, but I gave it a try and applied the strategies in the eCourse and bet at first with N2000 and returned to my surprise N7,000 in just 2 days!
I was dazed, not because I had not seen such money before but how easy and quick I made the money. So, I gave a consent to tell you that this thing works for me and I believe it can surely work for you too.
Give it a try now and you will see the wonderful results with Peter Essien's Football Betting Profits System eCourse on http://footballbettingprofile.blogspot.com 

I can continue to tell you more about myself but because of space I won't say much but let me quickly chip this one in. 

I know that a lot of people... even you... go out to watch football matches at viewing centres paying a minimum of N50 per match... some pay as high as N500 to watch more matches.

I can hear you say... but... Peter... I pay to enjoy and entertain myself.
Yes, this is very good because I used to do it too.

What's the difference between us now?

You pay to watch the matches, get entertained but no money in return... while I pay to watch, get entertained and make money.. I mean... huge profits from the same matches.

Can you see the difference now?

There is nothing bad about this because I used to be there... BUT you must not continue to give your money away when you can multiply it back 10 times with football betting from the same football matches.

I recently bought both DSTV and HITV to watch some of the football matches when I have the time... and the money mainly comes from the returns I make on the various football matches.

That's enough about me because this letter is about you...

...Oh... maybe you have been betting on football matches and you have been loosing your hard earned money... and you are almost getting discourage...

... or you simply want to know and learn how to start making money from football betting but you don't know how to go about it. I want to tell you that you are very fortunate to be reading this letter and there is a good news for you.

This is the good news... I have created an eCourse on football betting which will show you the EXACT steps that I use in betting and making thousands every month.

This another N12,204 still into my football betting account.

Why do I create an eCourse on the Football Betting Profits System?

I have seen so many people complain a lot about how they have been struggling endlessly to make money from football betting with nothing to show for it... they are losing money like a leaked crude oil pipe because of lack of "informed decisions" to guide them.

For instance, there was a guy whose name I won't reveal here, that particularly told me he lost almost N40,000 in 2 weeks from football betting. I felt sorry for the guy for 2 reasons:

* I discovered that he had grown the money from N5000 to N40,000 within 2 weeks before he eventually lost all... though he was stupid about it sha.

* I discovered he didn't have a clue to what football betting is all about.

This same ugly pattern is what I see around that is common to most people... maybe YOU too... while I easily make N50K/month... and... less than that (N30,000)... if I don't have time to bet in a busy month.

The main reason for the creation of this Football Betting Profits System eCourse is to help, teach and train you the EXACTLY how I make thousands monthly from football betting right here in Nigeria.

You see, I don't bet on any of the foreign bookmakers you see on the internet (some few ones are good though). I use the service of a trusted Nigerian bookmaker and they have been giving me the best... and... they even pay as little as N100 into my bank account.

The truth here is that I know how to make money from football betting... and... it is plain easy to do.

What Are People Saying?
I must really tell you that the Football Betting Profits System eCourse is awesome, educative and very easily understood. You have done a great job, thanks for making me know about this great opportunity


Let me ask you this question:

What do you think will be result of these fixtures?

Man Utd vs. Stoke City at Old Trafford

Arsenal vs. Middlesborough at Emirates

Chelsea vs. Bolton at Stamford Bridge

Even Someone Who Watches Football
Once In a Month Would Know That:


Chelsea will BEAT Bolton at Stamford Bridge

Arsenal will BEAT Middlesborough at Emirates

Manchester United will BEAT Stoke City at Old Trafford

It is obvious that you can comfortably predict the outcome of these matches above.

You see, as simple as these fixtures appear, you can make unbelievable profits from them. You can multiply 10 times the amount you bet. For instance, if you bet N1,000 you will return N10,000... and... if you put N10,000 you will return N100,000 from matches like the one above.  

Going back to my reasons I was telling you earlier for creating this eCourse, you won't have to go through struggling ignorantly... and... losing your hard earned money anymore. I will personally show you the EXACT details of how the whole system works in the Football Betting Profits System and eCourse ... and... how you can in less than 2 days from now start making money with it.

What Are People Saying?
Wow, Football betting Profits System eCourse is awesome, the first time I heard about it, I thought it was a scam initially but I took the risk which I never regretted
Salami Adewale Ahmed

Think about this for a second...

...If you have extra N50,000 flowing into your bank account without really working "hard" for it, but you only have to work for 2 hours a week, would you go for the offer? 

I bet you are like me because you would like it just like I've been doing for some months now.

Therefore, I need ONLY 15 students that will be smart and fast enough to grab this opportunity to make an extra N50K/month for themselves as I will hand over the blueprint of the step by step ways... plus... strategies, tricks that I personally used and I'm still using to make easy money.

Oh... wait... before you go overly excited about this, I will like to make some crucial things clear here that you may have to get rid of so that you won't be prevented from achieving this awesome results.

I want you to know that you won't make a head way with this system if you have any of these obstacles below... that means... this Football Betting Profits System and eCourse is not for you if...

* You are comfortable with what you are currently earning in your job

* You are not in any need of making extra money at all

*You think it is only possible for people who are passionate about football

* You think football betting is illegal

* You think football betting is a game of luck

* You are one of the get rich overnight bloody seekers

* You are not ready to take action and work the information in this eCourse

You see, I don't want to embarrass anyone... or... make you feel uncomfortable in any way.

So, if your religious belief or your conservative upbringing or, if you have "personal reasons" against making lots of money (N50K/month) from football betting... you probably should not continue reading this letter.

Are you still reading?

This shows that you want to be serious and make thousands like me.

The Football Betting Profits System is in 2 parts:

* The Football Betting Profits System Report

* The Football Betting Profits System eCourse


The Football Betting Profits System Report.

To help you decide if this Football Betting Profits System report and eCourse is for you or not, here are some of the secrets benefits you will have access to in the Football Betting Profits System below...
  • How to turn your start up money into thousands using bankroll... you can start up with =N=5,000)... don't worry about the money because I will give you a new and hot report on "How To Raise 10K FREE To Start Football Betting"
  • How to make use of the tested and trusted Nigerian online bookmaker
  • How to collect your money directly into your bank account savings or current
  • How to make use of tested and proven simple betting strategies that pumps money for you consistently like a damaged ATM
  • Why most people will never make money from football betting... and... how to avoid such mistakes from day one
  • How to use simple calculations EVEN a primary school pupil can workout
  • How to bet without predicting the score lines
  • How to register free of charge
  • And many more in the report...
That's that for the Football Betting Profits System report.

There is still more that I'm bringing out from the bag... 

I want you to know that the Football Betting Profits System eCourse is like the laboratory to do practical. You will guided on how to apply the techniques yourself.

It is very easy to do.

Wouldn't it be nice to make truck loads of money, with almost no effort, but only predicting the known or expected outcome of football matches from the comfort of your room?
Just think about your answer for a moment.

You see, this Football Betting Profits System eCourse is not some get rich quick scam or an ordinary ebook with useless content... but... it is a product of a thorough research and plan of over a month to show you in details and EXACTLY how you can start to make an extra N50K/month.

The eCourse is created into 6 modules with each of them designed to graduate you from the beginner to expert level making insane profits from football betting in a matter of 14 days.

The eCourse is created with YOU in mind and to make you learn and understand the exact steps, strategies, tricks and the informed knowledge that will guarantee the extra N50K/month from football betting.

You can't find this anywhere else. You don't believe me?... Ok just go and ask around from anyone you know is into football betting. This is not bragging or hype... it is all about the loaded and meaty practical information that will be handed over to you.

Before I give you the access to the Football Betting Profits System  and eCourse, I want you to see for yourself the things you will be exposed to in the...

Football Betting Profits System eCourse -
6 Pack Modules

Module 1
Understanding Football Betting
In this module, you will learn:
  • Football Betting explained in full details
  • Football Betting terms and languages explained
  • How to start and sustain a successful Football Betting for long term
  • And many more...

Module 2
How To Break Into The World Of Football Betting Pulling "Insane" Profits Non-Stop
In this module you will learn:
  • How to position yourself as an "expert" even if you have not placed bets
  • How to magnetise the BIG profits in Football betting
  • How to beat the bookmakers to it 98% of the time
  • And lots more...

Module 3

Understanding The 7 Universal Laws Of Football Betting
In this module you will learn:
  • How to accurately apply the 7 laws in your Football Betting business
  • How to apply the 7 laws to other sports betting
  • How to avoid the common "traps" that eat up people in Football Betting
  • How to protect your money with the 7 laws
  • And many more...

Module 4

Understanding How To Create "Passive" Income With Football Betting
  • How to make the money supplied by the bookmakers to "work" for you
  • How to maximise your profits from Football Betting legally (shortcut)
  • How to  acquire FREE money from Football Betting
  • And many more...

Module 5

Understanding the Close-Guarded TOP 3 Strategies Of Football Betting
  • How to implement the top strategies
  • How to choose the correct bookmakers in Nigeria i.e. make your money in naira
  • The 3 strategies simplified 
  • And many more

Module 6

The Top 20 Frequently Asked Questions Answered On Football Betting
  • How each of the question and answers will guide you in this Football Betting business
  • And many more...

The EXACT SAME strategies I use to make easy and quick profits anytime I want from football betting. The same strategies I still use to this day.

If you want to start making money TODAY, buy this Football Betting Profits System eCourse training now.

In my Football Betting Profits System report,

* I'm giving you just over 30 easy-to-read pages of my classic money making football betting training, strategies, tricks... and...

* I'm giving you my fail-proof blueprint Football betting Profits System eCourse containing 6 powerfully packed modules with practical information.

If you can't make at least N50k/month with these Football Betting Profits System report and eCourse, I seriously think you are in the wrong field.


Even my 9 year old cousin makes money with the SAME simple techniques, (I taught him though), using his dad bank account to collect his money.
You see, I'm talking about 2 hours of work per week for you to be making insane profits from football betting.

What's included in my Football Betting Profits System eCourse?

My strategies, tricks, training in this eCourse are especially useful for football betting and making insane profits from it. Everything you need to make money from football betting is included in my eCourse. Nothing more, nothing less.

But wait. There is more.

Aha... you will also have access to the SUPER bonuses new report titled "How To Raise 10K for FREE To Start Football Betting" and the other hot 5 bonuses. Each of the bonuses will help you in making additional money within and outside football betting business.


How To Raise N10K For FREE To Start Football Betting
In this SUPER bonus report, you will discover how to raise a minimum of N10K all for free without breaking a sweat.
You will be dazed at how easy you can do this and repeat it anytime you want.
And many more.


Unlimited Free Subscription To Football Betting Tips
In this SUPER bonus report, you will get unlimited access to powerful and hot Football Betting tips before the matches.
You will get unlimited access to a prolific BBC Sports Football Betting experts and his tested and trusted tips
And many more.



How To Make Easy And Quick N27,500 In 7 Days
This is a powerful report that will show you the EXACT steps you can use to make a whooping N27,500 in less than a week.
The system is what some few guys are using to make huge money in Nigeria.
Just check it out and you will be open to the simple system and it is 100% to give you results.


How An Ordinary Guy Turned N100 To Over N200K With A Single Bet
This is a WOW very hot report that will show you the exact steps a guy turned just N100 into N200K with a single bet in a day.
If you don't need to get anything else, make sure you get this one.


How To Make Fast, Fat and Fabulous Profits Selling Smoking Hot Info-Products
This single book will show you how to make money any time you want it.
You will never be broke again with the steps explained in this book.
And many more.


How To Sell Your Football Betting Knowledge For Insane Profits
If you know anything at all about Football Betting or any other knowledge whatsoever, you will be guided by this special report on how to strike it rich with anything you know.
You will be able to make thousands every week with the practical and simple steps in this report.

Even if you have not sold anything before in your life.

And many more.

As you can see for yourself the mouth watery bonuses you will be getting for FREE when you buy the Football Betting Profits System eCourse.


How much is my Football Betting Profits System report and
eCourse going for?

I can charge you N45K flat for the Football Betting Profits System eCourse and I will still be cheating myself. But... I want to fulfill my promise of helping you.

You can pay N4000 only for the Football Betting Profits System report and eCourse.

I really don't think I will be able to let this price stay like this for longer than 2 weeks because I think I'm charging far less than what you will be getting in this eCourse plus all the valuable bonuses.

Remember you don't have to waste time because I need only 15 students.

 After that, it's too late.

So take out your wallet and rush to any UBA branch and pay N5,000

Bank - U.B.A  

Account Name - ONYIMA VICTOR

Account Number -2019813408

NOTE - After payment, send your email address, teller number and name to wealthbooster1 @ yahoo.com or Call 08099702026/08054936500 to notify us of your payment.

You will get your package Immediately Upon A Clear Confirmation Of Your Payment In Less Than 24Hrs. Be Aware That Failure To Give Clear Information Of Your Payment Might Cause Unusual Delay Of Your Package.

I will send the Football Betting Profits System report and eCourse plus all the juicy hot bonuses to your email after confirming your payment within 24hrs.

Here is my 30 Days, No Risk, Guilty Free 100% Money Back Guarantee
If you found out within 30 days of purchase, that you didn't make money with the Football Betting Profits System report and eCourse , then feel free to ask for the full refund of your money and I will refund everything back to you and you can even keep the Football Betting Profits System report and eCourse... plus all of the incredible bonuses.
I really mean that

As you can see now that the whole risk is on me.

You need to know that thousands of people are reading this letter now and I need ONLY 15 students and after that number is filled up, no more admission for you. Even if you beg me with N100K, I won't blink an eye.

So what are you still waiting for?
Go straight to the bank right now.
I will be expecting your email.

We shall all succeed!

P.S. - If you would love to learn the EXACT steps I used to make N50K/month, then you need to buy this eCourse now. You need to join the few that are making incredible money from very simple things such as Football Betting.
I love Football Betting.

P.S.S. - What can an EXTRA N50K do in your life right now if you are sure to get it without breaking a sweat?

Would you jump at it?

You can solve your money worries by investing just 2 hours per week making insane profit from Football Betting. It is so simple!